"The Cà Granda's path of Secrets shares with the city a treasure of art and history unknown to most people”

The Historical Archive

The historical Archive is composed of two large rooms that were the ancient Capitoli where the hospital's Board of Directors met and where the most important decisions were made.

From the end of the 18th  century these rooms have been used as the Cà Granda Archive. They contain all the documents of the city's major Hospital from its origins in the 15th century untill today.

Under frescoed vaults, huge shelves and the watchful eyes of the benefactors portrayed in great paintings on the walls await you for an unforgettable visit.


The Crypt

The Crypt is located below street level and is the ancient cemetery of the Hospital where the skeletons of over 150,000 people are kept.

This Crypt has been a crossroads of facts and personalities of the city: here Leonardo da Vinci carried out studies of anatomy; here part of the population that died during the great plague was buried; here the carbonaries met during the revolutionary movements of the mid-nineteenth century; here some of the people that died during the Five Days of Milan were buried.